Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stylish Preppy and Stripe Webbed Adjustable Belt


It's pretty stylish. Stripes are always trendy and this belt will look just great with the short white dress.

It would also suit perfectly any slim, a little tanned girl wearing a long white men's shirt as a dress with or even without some tight shorts underneath.


Buy at Amazon.com: HERE

Youth explosion


Just look at her. She's young cute and she's quite aware of her sexuality. On the other hand her face seems to be sayin' "Hey, I'm smarter then you!".


Anyway, it's a perfect match of exploding youth, sexiness and selfconfidence. A little crazy but all perfectly thought-thru.


Photo by Patrick Gensel [source: http://adf.ly/7HTy9]

Monday, April 9, 2012

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...

Summer's comin' girls... Wear flowers in your hair. Or anything "flowery". It's super-sexy!


[photo by: http://adf.ly/7EPeX]

How to choose the right skirt for your body type?

Summer's coming. Time to get some new skirts. Watch this great video by Kate Dimmock from People StyleWatch.

She shows what are the best skirts for every body type, no matter what's your budget. Really worth lookin'

Watch video: http://adf.ly/7ECS7]

Stylish Embroidered Shawl Scarf Wool Apparel

"Embroidered Shawl Scarf Wool Accessory 80 x 40 inches (Apparel)By ShalinIndia Buy new: $104.94 "
I love this. It's so stylish...

buy at Amazon.com: HERE

Dutch sexy fashion inspiration

[photo by: http://adf.ly/7E0Y1]
Check out how this georgious legs look in that skirt. Also that bag is perfectly matching the whole outfit. Sexy and inspiring.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Neon is back? Avoid it!

Do we really need neon? Unless you're teenager you don't! Except a few situations it just look stupid and unprofessional. Please don't bother with neon.

Trends are not always good.

"Neon is officially back - well, according to Simon Doonan it is.  The Creative Director of Barney's New York and author of several books including Confessions of a Window Dresser,says that you need neon accessories so you don't get hit by a car when you're drunk and staggering down the dark streets at night.  Alrighty then!  Simon has spoken. I thought to myself, Could it be that neon really is back?  Some of you are probably wondering, Where have you been? Neon is sooooo in right now! I must have missed that memo and truly in denial.  For some reason I thought neon was completely banned from making a comeback, like acid-washed denim is.  I did a blogsearch for "neon fashion" and yes, Dear Readers, neon is back. " [source: http://adf.ly/7CaFX]